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Client: www.thebayretreats.com 

Target: lifestyle & luxury magazines

Brief: Promote The Bay as a pioneer of luxury, tailor-made addiction rehabilitation

AS SOON AS clients land at the airport, they’re whisked off by private car to a hidden location – a location which for absolute anonymity, changes with each client.

It’s a commitment that comes without question at The Bay’s individually-tailored addiction rehabilitation retreats.

‘Our clients often come from the type of high-profile background that necessitates complete discretion,’ says John Dass, Managing Director of The Bay. ‘If you are an eminent businessman, a media-personality or come from a well-known family, you may prefer that issues such as addiction remain completely private.’

At The Bay, clients are booked into their own luxurious property in or around Byron Bay, one of Australia’s most beautiful locations. With personal privacy a top priority, a team of expertly trained staff – rehabilitation therapists, a personal chef, yoga teacher, naturopath, masseurs and more – offer support through each aspect of their 1-1 program.

Unlike standard clinics where there is a focus on group therapy, every aspect of drug recovery at The Bay is personal and tailored to an individual’s requirements.

Every day, specifically allocated therapists come to the clients’ carefully chosen hideaway. On call around the clock, they help the client explore the painful emotions surrounding their addiction. Meanwhile a personal chef, nutritionist and naturopath work together to provide optimal nutrition and support the body during detoxification.

By the end of the retreat, the client will have their feet firmly planted on their journey to recovery.

‘Those that engage fully with the work can achieve a breakthrough in their relationship with themselves and those around them,’ says Radha Nicholson, Clinical Director at the Bay. ‘For many The Bay marks the first positive step in a new life.’

For further info go to www.thebayretreats.com


Client: www.thebayretreats.com

Target: Consumer & Wellbeing Publications

Brief: Raise awareness of The Bay Approach as a unique and effective method for treating addictions

USED BY MANY to relax and rejuvenate, meditation is being pioneered as a way of helping addicts steer clear of drugs. In what would prove a life-saving application, addiction counsellors Radha Nicholson and Brendan Healy, have developed The Bay Approach, an innovative recovery method that combines addiction therapy with meditation.

‘Using meditation techniques such as mindful awareness, you observe your thoughts and feelings, without becoming attached,’ explains Nicholson, a psychologist and meditation teacher for over 20-years. ‘You begin to see the subtle patterns and habits around any type of addictive behaviour. Once you are aware of how they influence you, they have less power.’

Available through The Bay’s 1-1 exclusive rehabilitation retreats, The Bay Approach uses meditation methods such as self-inquiry and mindfulness as well as traditional psychotherapeutic practice.

The method helps people recover from all addictions including alcoholism, drug-dependency, love and sex addiction or compulsive habits such a shopping or gambling that are out of control. It is also used by partners of addicts who are caught up in an unhealthy relationship pattern called codependency.

‘Used along side psychotherapy, the effects are often long-lasting. Once people develop an insight into their destructive behaviour, they’re often highly motivated to change it,’ says Nicholson.

For info go to www.thebayretreats.com

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